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Our Story

There is a unique hospitality about water - whether it is an ocean, sea, lake, river, quarry or swimming pool, the water welcomes everyone equally.  When divers enter the underwater world, they can become a seamless part of its ecosystem, moving in harmony with all sea life.  Diving requires that we take care of each other, and ensure that our dive buddies are safe - focusing on the core of our humanity.  For these and many others reasons, scuba diving is the most amazing sport.


Founded in August 2020 during the COVID pandemic, The Buckeye Dive Club aims to encompass all that is amazing about diving: respect for nature and each other, mutual support, natural beauty and a community focused on a common interest and purpose.  


Inspired by , the annual international LGBTQ+ scuba jamboree that raises money for health charities, the Buckeye Dive Club was formed to capture that spirit of camaraderie and community that comes from diving and helping others.  


Buckeye Dive Club is Ohio's LGBTQ+, friends and family scuba community. All are welcome!

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